Welcome, I'm Martin Tindall,

Martin Tindall's Bio:

Martin Tindall's career started with a core focus in technology and corporate compliance. After completing studies in technology, law and accounting, Martin Tindall spent several years in the United States, Untied Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand creating teams and developing technology platforms for international trade and finance.

Holding key executive positions over the past 15 years with both private and publicly listed companies, Martin Tindall's appointments have included; Managing Director, Chief Information Officer, Financial Controller, Vice President, Head of eBusiness and Director of Special Operations. In each of these roles, specific focus was in creating solutions to complex problems of technology, finance, structuring and operations. Martin Tindall has served on the board of directors of many of these companies providing strategic advice and business connectivity.

Currently, Martin Tindall is an Executive Director with KIIL, responsible for international financing and capital management for projects and partnerships. In this position, key focus is the acquisition of new clients, investments and capital, including leveraging US employment-based visas (EB5) and investment by foreign nationals in US projects.

KIIL, represent a global group of enterprises focused on facilitation, incubation, financing and delivering planned execution of projects and partnerships in the areas of ecology and energy, multiple land use development, technology and financial platforms.

Martin Tindall is involved with the development, incubation and financing of several KIIL projects and partnerships, providing valuable oversight, technology platform development and implementation. These projects and partnerships include Blue Sky Biomass, World Property Company, EB-5 Assist, Alpine Leisure Properties, Magnifico Giornata, Triton Event Area Management, and Voice of North America.

Martin Tindall’s core skills and studies include; corporate structuring, operations, systems engineering, business development, process improvement, application design, accounting, contract preparation and incubation of new business. These skills allow a fresh dynamic approach to virtually any challenge or business opportunity.

Martin Tindall's Experience:

  • Director at Blue Sky Biomass

    Kronos International representative in a new exciting project, producing biomass for power generation from waste wood products and sustainably managed renewable resource forests.

  • Director at World Property Company

  • Director at South Pacific Biofuels PLC

  • Head of Business Development at Kronos Limited

  • Business Development Executive at ECO2 Forests Inc.

  • Chief Information Officer and Director at Bartercard International

  • VP Technology & Director of Special Operations at ITEX Corporation

Martin Tindall's Education:

  • Western Sydney Institute of Higher Education

    Concentration: Accounting, Commercial and Company Law
  • Galston High 1988-1989

  • Billabong High School

Martin Tindall's Interests & Activities:

Golf, travel, wining and dining, helping people, the environment, alternative energy, property development, immigration, trees, champagne, music festivals and entertainment, technology and snow boarding.